Volume III, Issue IV Winter 2004



Welcome to our Winter 2004 Poetry section!

In this issue:

By Andrea Shumovsky: By Allene Keller:

We're excited to have Andrea Shumovsky back in the pages of Turbula with three new poems; evocative, atmospheric – we're hoping she finds a permanent home in Turbula!

We're also quite excited to present the poetry of Allene Keller. For a half-century, Allene wrote poetry. Her family and friends in Michigan knew she wrote verse, because when they were sick or down, they'd get a personalized poem from Allene.

What none of them knew – except her daughter, Linda – was that she wrote many more poems than any of them guessed, and kept them all in a binder. When Allene passed in 2001, Linda found the binder of poetry, where it came to our attention.

Allene wrote in rhyming verse, the type of poetry popular when she was growing up in the middle of the last century. It is the type of poetry once found in the pages of the Saturday Evening Post – detailed looks at daily life with a dose of humor!

We hope you enjoy it all!

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