Volume III, Issue IV Winter 2004


Welcome to our Winter 2004 fiction section.

We're pleased to have two new contributors this issue, plus something quite different from Turbula regular Dan McClenaghan.

In this issue:

Dan McClenaghan:

Dan McClenaghan:
Our Girl

John E. Shea:
The Canary Bird

Philip K. Ireland:
Shakespeare on a Rollercoaster

John E. Shea brings us a redemptive tale from the tough streets of Irish New York, "The Canary Bird."

Philip K. Ireland contributed the short but powerful "Shakespeare on a Rollercoaster." Phil is a San Diego-based journalist and teacher. He's also a fine right fielder if any rec league softball team is looking.

And while longtime Turbula readers know well Dan McClenaghan and his hilariously twisted tales of Loma Alta, Dan steps away from his usual cast – and style – this go-round. "Stubblefield" and "Our Girl" are both wonderful reads, but show a new, darker side to Dan's storytelling we hope to read more of.

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