Volume III, Issue IV Winter 2004


Those TV Commercials

Allene Keller never told anyone but her daughter that she wrote poetry; when she passed in 2001, she left behind a notebook full of typed poems going back to the 1950s, written on the topics of everyday life.

Those TV commercials are really a laugh.
I can't help but think when I hear,
What would happen to my wash some day
If I used Oxydol, Tide and some Cheer!

If I scrubbed my floors with Mr. Clean
And added some Spic and Span ...
Would it still be like a White Tornado
That came roarin' through our land?

If I used all the stuff on my hair as they say ...
All the shampoos and rinses and sprays.
And took all the aspirins and Bufferins and such
Would I really have a fine day?

Could I build a car that couldn't be beat
With parts from the big Leading Three?
If I put in the tank those de-icers and stuff
Then would nothing happen to me?

If I went to that party that comes in a bag
Of chips and then mixed in a brew
Of Coke and Cola and good 7-Up
I really would have something new!

Now I mustn't forget all the cereals they make
A mixture of all would be keen.
Of Wheaties and Wheat Chex and old Cap'n Crunch.
Our muscles could really be seen.

And those Giants they put in our washers
By blonds that have more fun ...
Should make us zip right thru our day
And have our work soon done.

Now I know each one thinks their stuff is the best
And with some I certainly agree.
But I still get a laugh when the commercials come on
Our good, old faithful TV.


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