Volume III, Issue IV Winter 2004


The Darker Side of Life

Allene Keller never told anyone but her daughter that she wrote poetry; when she passed in 2001, she left behind a notebook full of typed poems going back to the 1950s, written on the topics of everyday life.

Our Lord has greater powers
Than we will ever know.
He made the World and all in it.
The trees and plants that grow.

He made us all to live and breathe.
He made the birds that sing.
He gave us many wondrous sights
And the gladness that they bring.

All this I know and understand.
I don't even have to try.
But what's a puzzle to me yet ...
Is ... why did he make the fly?

And bugs and snakes and crawling things
That make life such a mess?
It's not our place to wonder
So I won't even try a guess.

I'm sure He had his reasons
And we shouldn't question why.
But I still can't help but wonder
As I SWAT at that pesky fly!


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