Volume III, Issue IV Winter 2004


City Winter

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Andrea has been published in the anthology, "Gifts of the Heartland," and in Clevermag.com, Ascent and Jones Av.

Muddy snowmen
Stand in rows
Protecting our street

Their stick arms still
Clinging to the
Remains of their summer

Oily pebble grins
Make up the city smiles
Of east side snowmen

A tattered hat
A red boa scarf
Old runners – no boots

Nuts and bolts
Adorn their
Gasoline stained bellies

Weakness in the ranks
As a golden retriever
Enjoys his morning walk

By midmorning the
First slides off the curb
Loosing an old mitten and a bolt eye to the gutter

The eastsiders loose
Buttons and bolts, sticks
And select garments to wind and passersby.

Defiantly the leader
Refuses to surrender
Despite the sunny afternoon

At 3:00 the best of the
Tattered and melting still
Stand proud
To be eastsiders.


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