Volume III, Issue IV Winter 2004



Allene Keller never told anyone but her daughter that she wrote poetry; when she passed in 2001, she left behind a notebook full of typed poems going back to the 1950s, written on the topics of everyday life.

I know that you have gone to look
For something packed away
In boxes, trunk or cedar chest
And then spent most of the day

Just living there in memories
With snapshots from yesteryears
Or a lock of hair or baby shoes ...
Perhaps they brought a tear.

That Valentine made in first grade
By a child now almost grown
And that Mother's Day card made by little hands
Took more time than we'll ever know.

Then there's that box that brings a laugh.
Those pictures when you were "young."
Those hair styles were really a fright ...
And the skirts to your ankles hung!

Your diploma reminds you of high school days.
It doesn't seem long ago.
Those years have passed so swiftly!
Where does the time all go?

Those years that passed have not all gone.
They're gently packed away
In that box or cedar chest
And there they'll always stay.

Our past we can't live over
I wouldn't want it that way
But it's fun to live in memories
That we find in that box ... packed away.


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