Volume II, Issue II Summer 2003


What's nearly as amazing as the quality of poetry that evvy garrett, our poetry editor, has assembled (and that our contributors have created) for our Summer 2003 issue is the mere fact that we have a poetry section at all this issue.

In this issue:

By Anath Hartmann: By jules: By C.E. Laine: By evvy garrett:
evvy suffered a major computer malfunction as we were preparing our Summer Issue; one of those digital life-and-death events that has you calling your friends at 11 p.m. pleading for help. We've all been there, and there's nothing pretty about it.

She perservered, obviously, and pulled in some talented new contributors in C.E. Laine and jules, and got the remarkable Anath Hartmann to return anew. Plus, evvy even pulled some of her own writing out – not by choice, for she is far too modest for that, but by publisher's demand, as one of the conditions set when she was brought on as poetry editor after submitting some poems to us sight unseen (see our Winter edition).

Poetry submissions and feedback can be sent to evvy at poetry@turbula.net. You can learn more about evvy by visiting her Web site at evvygarrett.homestead.com.

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