Volume II, Issue II Summer 2003


keyholeAfter Dash Disappeared
Under His Own Mind

If you're crazy
I cannot really speak,
Because every word you say is golden in your mind,
And the phrases we pull around on a satellite,
Where I am unsure of your
Are strained and torqued.
It's funny how you say you love me,
"Hold on a second, I'm coming back" means
we're just picking up where we ended last;
but by now
you know as well as I do, somewhere beyond your illness,
that nothing remains of either of us.
  You rhyme,
I am shocked by the
Poverty of your words.
Am I learning anything at all
From this?
Dashiell I have my own problems.
We are neither of us so bright as we imagined.


Anath Hartmann is an English major at Georgetown University. She lives on a cul de sac with her family and a dog that has a terrible habit of destroying things. She would like to write Salinger-esque novels after college.

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