Volume II, Issue II Summer 2003


Is Our Flag Submissive?

Accused of imperialism in a world
Of despot regimes and increasing
Rogue nations

One superpower remains

And so

I ponder

The flag blows stiff and hard in the crisp winter
wooden staff standing proud and accepting the cold
slaps of air
with exhilaration and indefinite wait

the rope jerks and breaks
the flag begins to droop
the wind begins to howl

Proud and erect the flag flies again
waiting for liberties to be taken and
public indignities to be forced upon it
for all of the humiliations
Flag still stands ...


jules has been published in a number of journals and magazines. Look for The Not So Forced Feminazation  of Tom in the Underneath it All anthology from Surge Books and The Gift in the Erotic Tales anthology due out later this year.

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