Volume II, Issue II Summer 2003


Welcome to our Summer 2003 collection of original fiction.

Dan McClenaghan is back with another installment of the sorry saga of Ruth and Ellis. There's a bowling alley involved this time around, and for anyone who's ready his earlier stories about the Leahy family, that will be no surprise.

In this issue:

Dan's semi-fictional Loma Alta is to modern California what P.G. Wodehouse was to rural England or Tom Sharpe to South Africa – a slightly twisted and very funny representation that is somehow even truer for its off-kilter axis.

Think of Ellis Leahy as Bertie Wooster middle-aged, married and blue-collar – and without Jeeves, of course.

Mark Lambert's "Conversation on a Train" is Turbula's first foray into the fantasy/horror realm. We weren't initially sure that was an area we want to go into – there are an awful lot of people already out there doing it much better than we.

But the thing is, Mark's story landed in our e-mail, and every time we got ready to send him a nice, apologetic rejection letter, we'd read it again. And again. Until we finally we came to our senses and asked if we really could publish it.

He graciously allowed us, and we think you'll find it spooks you as much as us.

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