Volume I, Issue II Winter 2002
Klezmer - by Kate Gressitt-Diaz
"Klezmer" – © Copyright 2002 by Kate Gressitt-Diaz

Welcome to the Winter 2002 edition of Turbula.

The pre-Super Bowl celebration of the late Jack Murphy has prompted us to add some thoughts to our From the Bleachers column — be sure to check that out. This issue we also take a look at the continuing klezmer revival, and talk to some of the new generation of musicians who are picking up the klezmer tradition and carrying it forward.

We have more theater and music reviews, of course. More great fiction, including another loopy installment from Dan McClenaghan chronicling the events of Loma Alta.

And in this month's music section, we introduce you to San Diego's Animal 32 — with the band generously throwing in a free MP3 download!

Look around, have fun — and write with any feedback, suggestions or kvetches,

Jim Trageser

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