Volume III, Issue I Spring 2004


Turbula's editor/publisher/theater critic is stuck on the night desk at the local daily of late, so we've not gotten out to see much in San Diego.

In this issue:


New York: A hip acrobatic happening with angst
'Villa Villa' flies angrily through the air
By Lucy Komisar

San Diego: Intimate theater, great grub
'I Do! I Do!' at the Fritz, with dinner at Sixth Avenue Bistro
By Charlene Baldridge

San Diego: Small stages, big emotions
By Charlene Baldridge

New York: Artistry and politics animate this season's musicals
By Lucy Komisar

Fortunately, Lucy Komisar has a more amenable schedule in New York, allowing her to report on the latest crop of musicals, as well as the acrobatics of "Villa Villa." And the wonderful Charlene Baldridge, who graced us with the cover illustration for our Spring issue as well as being a regular contributor to our Poetry section, is also a member of the San Diego Theater Critics Circle. Is there anything she can't do?

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