Volume III, Issue I Spring 2004

Culture, Politics and Technology

It's been a whacky year already, and events make us wonder if the American people are simply beyond any notions of irony. Along those lines, Jim Trageser takes a look at the fact that on matters of race, it is now liberals who cling most tenaciously to increasingly irrelevant notions of group identity.

In this issue:

The Turbula Essay:

America's father figure says good-bye
On Arnold Palmer, growing older and fatherhood
By Jamie Reno

Academics and race fixation
By Jim Trageser

The Smoking Section
Notes on the news

From the Bleachers
Observations on the sports world

And of course we mock, taunt and even occasionally praise everyone and everything in The Smoking Section, while waxing poetic and nostalgic over sports in From the Bleachers.

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