Volume III, Issue I Spring 2004


Welcome to our Spring 2004 fiction section.

We have, of course, yet another couple installments of Dan McClenaghan's tales of Loma Alta, where Ruth is pregnant (at 47!) and her husband Ellis is getting himself into more trouble. Dan's ongoing tale is reminding us more and more of P.G. Wodehouse transplanted to the land of Wal*Mart.

In this issue:

Dan McClenaghan:
The Employee of the Month

Dan McClenaghan:
The Breasts of Klingon Maidens

Torrey Meeks:
Tenuous Lives

Zachary A. Pugh:
Mother City

We have two new writers this issue as well. Torrey Meeks sends us "Tenuous Lives," a tale that grew out of his own expat experiences in Nicaragua. It's a dark, twisted little story – the kind of story only an American could (or would!) write. We hope to read more from him in coming issues.

Zak Pugh was sent to us by the esteemed Mr. McClenaghan. "Mother City" is an edgy, modernistic work that has the same kind of off-kilter world view as early J.G. Ballard or Steve Aylett. Good stuff, and let's all hope Mr. Pugh graces this space again soon.

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