Volume III, Issue I Spring 2004


February Moment

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Andrea has been published in the anthology, "Gifts of the Heartland," and in Clevermag.com, Ascent and Jones Av.

I dreamt of seven stars ablaze
A brightness burning a streak in the morning sky
An illumination out of time and place
Intense lights of knowledge
Snuffed out in a singular moment

I dreamt of seven snowflakes
Twinkling so brightly against the morning sun
Hovering atop the unsecured fury of winter
Releasing a deep tomb of unfulfilled potential
Snuffed out in a singular moment

Demons in my head today
Dance with conspiracies daughter
Delighting with placing blame in the shadows
Hatred is easier than the thought of a coincidence
Nature canít be to blame for the loss of so many glorious minds
Snuffed out in a singular moment

I realize what must be truth
That the forces beyond a human thought
Have taken control of the day
Fate can be repeated twice and twice more
And the future dreams of so many be altered
In a singular moment


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