Volume III, Issue I Spring 2004


Bus Stop

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Andrea has been published in the anthology, "Gifts of the Heartland," and in Clevermag.com, Ascent and Jones Av.

First one there,
Sits and read the paper
Organized with a take-out coffee
And a muffin in wax wrapping
All in due time

Nervous young girl
Constantly checks her watch
Her shoes
Her lipstick in the mirror must be
Just right

On his way to class
Checks her out with a sideways glance
And a sideways stance
In his smoothest James Dean
He hopes the bus will wait just a minute longer

Rushing Grandma with all
Of her groceries
Won’t let go to fix her bra
She just twists her arms and pushes
Her cleavage
Right under the bus sign – she’ll be first

Arrival of the thirty seated chariot
The promise of things to come as
The doors open
The group orderly enters and sits
They have made their alliances for the day
And the doors shut

On hunger
Huddled in the corner
Grappling with an old blanket
Praying for some left over muffin
Maybe a sip of coffee
Curling up with old newspaper for warmth
Hunger waits for the next bus


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