Volume III, Issue I Spring 2004

© Copyright 2004 by Charlene Baldridge

Welcome to our Spring 2004 edition!

We've got lots of goodies this issue – two debuts in Fiction, plus another couple installments of Dan McClenaghan's hilarious adventures from Loma Alta, Calif. Our Music section is stuffed with more reviews, plus Jamie Reno finds a new band to believe in in his Capos & Consonants column. We have interviews with The Proclaimers, Marcia Ball and Monty Alexander, and a rumination on Frank Zappa as jazzster. And we've got some pretty cool poetry, too – check out the evocative works by Andrea Shumovsky and Stephen Scavott (plus a visual poem by our own wonderful Charlene Baldridge, who also graced us with the above cover illustration this issue). Also, Lucy Komisar single-handedly rescues our theater section with a wonderful overview of new political theater in New York.

You gotta keep checking back, too, as we keep adding new stuff between issues. Our Summer issue will be out mid-June, but we'll be posting new material in Music, The Smoking Section and From the Bleachers until then. And you can always check the Just Added button up top to see what's new.


Jim Trageser

Jim Trageser

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