Premiere issue Autumn 2002


We readily admit it: We're geeks. We like gadgets, we have home computer networks, our idea of a round of golf involves a mouse and keyboard rather than a 9 iron and sunblock.

In this issue:

Cause of global warming irrelevant
By Bradley J. Fikes

It is technology — the ability to make tools and manipulate our environment — that makes us human. If today's technology is somewhat removed from the sticks and rocks our ancestors first picked up in an effort to make their lives easier, the basic thrust behind it hasn't.

This issue, Bradley J. Fikes takes a look at global warming. While there remains deep disagreement within the scientific community over whether we're causing the earth to warm up or whether it's simply part of a natural cycle, there is no agreement that the planet is indeed getting warmer. Brad argues that in face of the changes that warming will bring, arguing over the cause of it is a waste of time.

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