Premiere issue Autumn 2002

Culture and Politics

Remember the current events portion of high school civics class? Well, we hated it, too.

In this issue:

The Turbula Essay:
A mother's thoughts on war in Iraq
By Cynthia Hasz

The Smoking Section
Notes on the news

From the Bleachers
Observations on the sports world

Which is too bad, because despite the fact that your civics teacher looked like Bob Dole with a bad hangover, he was right about the fact that we do have to pay attention to this stuff in a democracy. A pain, to be sure — but as Churchill pointed out, democracy is the worst possible way of running things, except for everything else.

As war with Iraq seems to grow more likely, Cynthia Hasz looks at the possibility from a mother's point of view — but not the usual hanky-waving tear-jerker you can read in the New York Times. Ms. Hasz has a slightly different take how to handle bad-boy Saddam ...

In The Smoking Section, we get to vent at the politically correct, the pompous, and the just plain dumb. Won't change anything, but our physician seems assured it helps our blood pressure. And the sports fans among us get the same medically cleansing relief via our From the Bleachers column.

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