Premiere issue Autumn 2002


This issue we are pleased to have a wonderful interview with Nerissa Nields by Joyce Marcel. Along with her sister, Katryna, Nerissa fronted the quirky folk-rock-alt band The Nields throughout much of the '90s. Today, she and her sister perform and record as a duo and have a new album out that's among the best CDs to cross our desk in some years. If you've not heard them — or even of them — you're in for a real treat.

In this issue:

The Turbula Interview:
Nerissa Nields
By Joyce Marcel

Music Downloads


We also have more than a dozen reviews of new CDs, ranging from jazz to country to alternative rock and off to who knows where else. They're not labeled by style, either — we find ourselves increasingly subscribing to Duke Ellington's dictum that there is no jazz or country or opera, there is only music. (And you'll find three new Ellington releases reviewed this issue as well; only one is a reissue, the other two haven't been heard before. God bless Thomas Edison and his invention of sound recording.)

Finally we have a downloadable MP3 of "Turbula," a song by the San Diego-based techno band Rotator. Many thanks to Rotator for making Turbula perhaps the only online magazine with its own theme song! (And we encourage you to visit Rotator's web site to check out more free MP3s, as well as their two CDs and upcoming performance schedule.)

We'll be adding more CD reviews in the weeks to come — while this is a quarterly magazine, it's also online, so there's no reason to sit on new CDs as they come in!

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