Premiere issue Autumn 2002

Welcome to our first issue of Turbula.

Our purpose is to have some fun while writing about the things that matter in life — music, art, theater, technology, and literary pursuits. It strikes us that it's important to actually enjoy life — though the health and morality police increasingly frown on such frivolity.

And that's another problem with modern life — too many of the folks blessed enough to have received an education are politically polarized between right and left. We eschew both camps — the politically correct on both sides are likely to be offended by something in each issue of Turbula. If not, we're not trying hard enough.

To kick off our new venture, we have Joyce Marcel's wonderful interview with folk-rock singer/songwriter Nerissa Nields and Cynthia Hasz's down-to-earth look at the war clouds building over Iraq.

We have quite a few CD reviews in this issue — ranging from the popular (a new box set devoted to prog rockers Yes) to the, well, delightfully weird (new albums from Henri Salvador and René Lacaille, both Frenchmen from overseas territories). There are also reviews of theater productions in Southern California — and although this is a quarterly publication, we'll be adding more CD and theater reviews as they come over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.

Also in this issue is some wonderful new fiction, a coldly practical look at global warming, and our smart-ass look at news and sports.

Submissions are welcome for future issues in any media — contact info is on the About us page. Feedback links are included at the bottom of each page so you can let us know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by,

Jim Trageser

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