Volume III, Issue IV Winter 2004

Baby Food by Christopher Trageser
Baby Food © Copyright 1996, 2004 by Christopher Trageser

Welcome to the Winter 2004 edition of Turbula!

Great new stuff this issue – something completely new and unexpected from Turbula regular Dan McClenaghan, another entry in John Whalen's ongoing tales from the streets of San Francisco, Jamie Reno tosses another look at life our way in Culture, Buddy Seigal interviews Cuban jazz great Arturo Sandoval, Andrea Shumovsky sent in some more awesome poetry, and we have some wonderful music reviewed.

This issues marks a bit of a turning point for Turbula. Moving forward, Turbula won't have formal "issues" anymore; this is the Internet, after all, and we don't actually bundle or mail anything off. Plus, we've always updated Turbula throughout every issue anyway – adding new theater and music reviews, sometimes even fiction, weeks, even months after the issue's publication date.

So beginning in March, we'll go to a more open-ended format – haven't figured it all out yet, but keep your bookmarks pointed here because it ought to be interesting! And we've already got some great new fiction and poetry lined up for the spring non-issue!

Also have noticed that despite the fact that readership is growing by leaps and bounds every month, the Forums area hardly gets used. We're going to think about how to ramp that up, too.


Jim Trageser

Jim Trageser

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