Volume II, Issue IV Winter 2003


Anath Hartmann is an English major at Georgetown University. She lives on a cul de sac with her family and a dog that has a terrible habit of destroying things. She would like to write Salinger-esque novels after college.

If I could name my children after all the sad things
Sleeping in the world,
they would be harnessed with the burden
of having to lighten an
enormous load.
Hell of a yoke, but
there's a vacuum in me that I cannot fill.
I hear Scott Fitzgerald looked for a role model for years.
I hear he envied Hemingway.
i wonder did he die
having tried too hard at things?
Maybe if we know too much about our heroes we become
Probably then, I shouldn't have any heroes since I need
illusion to fall asleep at night.


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