Volume II, Issue IV Winter 2003



Representative Poetry Online is the featured poetry site for this issue.

I could spend many hours here. And you should also! That old axiom is really true; if you want to write "good" poetry; start by reading "good" poetry! A lot of it ...

In this issue:

By Martha Everhart Braniff: By Anath Hartmann: By Lauren Sassella: David Rushing: By Doug Tanoury: By Jim Trageser:

I fell in like with this site immediately. It helped that the presentation stanza was Ezra Pound, from the "Pisan Cantos," a work I'd spent many an hour with in years past, and loved, and still love. Their editor certainly exhibits good taste with this pick.

The amount of poetry and realated information here, and the different ways to access it (poet, title, first line, time line, etc.) is phenomenal!

evvy garrett
Turbula poetry editor

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