Volume II, Issue IV Winter 2003


Welcome to our Winter 2003 fiction section.

We're pleased to present two of our favorite fiction writers to have graced the pages of Turbula – Dan McClenaghan Michael J. Williams.

In this issue:

Dan McClenaghan:

Michael J. Williams
Corona Mas Fina

Dan McClenaghan:
White Christmas

"In Tango," Dan continues our Summer issue story, "Ruth's Ankles," as Ruth Leahy realizes that she's pregnant again – at age 47. And if you didn't already catch it, Dan has created a special holiday story about Ellis and Ruth Leahy – "White Christmas"

Michael J. sends us an incredibly intense little piece set in Tijuana. "Corona Mas Fina" blends the minute observational powers of James Joyce with the American immediacy of Ernest Hemingway. You won't soon forget it.

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