Volume II, Issue IV Winter 2003


Glass Bottom Plane

Martha Everhart Braniff hails from Houston, where she writes fiction, poetry and essays. Her short story, "Resurrection," published in HAPPY literary journal, was nominated for the 2002 Pushcart Prize. Her suspense novel, "Beds of Broken Glass," was a finalist for the Bellwether Prize.

Clouds below

At thirty-thousand feet,
the plane's floor
transforms into a window,
where she glimpses man and wife
frozen in blue tundra,
unable to swim icy currents,
caught in unspoken undertow,
uttering muffled words,
bitter echoes of
highs and lows that bring storms,
hurricanes and typhoons.

Upon landing, she doesn't tell
her husband
about the couple in the sky,
yet she remembers
their plaintive song
every time
the weatherman describes
unstable air currents
causing trouble on earth.


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