Volume II, Issue IV Winter 2003


Under An Ash

Doug Tanoury is primarily a poet of the Internet, with the majority of his work never leaving electronic form. His verse can be read at electronic magazines and journals across the world. Collections of poetry by Doug Tanoury can be found at Funky Dog Publishing and Athens Avenue. His most recent collection, 'Getting Religion', and other ebook collections of poetry by Doug Tanoury can be read and downloaded at The Poetry of Doug Tanoury. Doug grew up in Detroit, and still lives in the area.

I sat with her
Under the shade of an ash
Watching the afternoon sun
Sink toward setting as
Evening spreads
Across an August sky
Like a picnic blanket
Cast on summer grass

And I feel I'm the first
Man and she the first
Woman for there is nothing
In the world but her and I
And leaves turning
Faded green undersides up
In the breeze and the
Grass trembling slightly

Lying in the shade
At this edge of summer
The object of all my past
To bring me to one moment
Under an ash for
God so loves creating beauty
He trades whole lifetimes
For splendid seconds

I chew a grass blade
And touch her arm
Watching the sky from
Beneath a canopy of leaves
And searching hard
For purpose and
Reason for the rest
Of my life


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