Volume II, Issue IV Winter 2003

La Tour Eiffel - by Larissa Trageser
"La Tour Eiffel"
© Copyright 2003 by Larissa Trageser

Here we are in the Winter issue for 2003 – lots of great new stuff for you this issue, too. More fiction from Dan McClenaghan, another outstanding crop of poetry, a whole passel of new record reviews, more theater, and don't forget our Culture/Technology section where Brad Fikes takes on a supposedly independent libertarian site that's actually a front for Microsoft.

And here's a free bit of advice earned by Turbula's publisher the hard way: Don't try taking 16 units at the local community college while working full-time and trying to publish an online 'zine. Can't be done, not and maintain your sanity.

Finally, in this issue we bid goodbye to our wonderful and lovely poetry editress, evvy garrett. For the past year, evvy sorted through our poetry submissions, tracked down poets she liked and respected, and found other poetry-related Web sites to share with our readers. We're going to miss her guiding hand, her twisted sense of humor, and her woeful stories of computer crashes that oddly cheered us up because they were always worse than our own computer travails. We trust she'll be back in the future with more of her own poetry gracing our pages.

Dive in and have fun!,

Jim Trageser

Jim Trageser

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