Volume II, Issue II Summer 2003

Wotan - by Charlene Baldridge
"Wotan" – © Copyright 2003 by Charlene Baldridge

Welcome to the Summer 2003 edition of Turbula.

Has it really been a year since we started? And yet here we are, still staggering forward like aging rock stars — if not as rich as Fleetwood Mac, hopefully not using their shtick of rehashing the same groove over and over, either.

We've got another batch of great poems rounded up by our indefatigable poetry editor, evvy garrett (who endured despite a massive computer failure — you go, evvy!); another round of hilarious fiction from Dan McLenaghan (and have you checked out his knowing jazz reviews in our Music section?), plus our first foray into the fantasy/horror realm courtesy of Mark Lambert; and in our Technology and Culture section, technology editor Bradley J. Fikes explores the furor over online music sharing.

As always, we've got more CD and theater reviews as well ...

What else ... oh yes, in the 2003 Society of Professional Journalists San Diego Chapter annual journalism contest, Turbula took first place for best online design. We take great pride in this given that most of the design work has been done at 3 a.m. on the verge of collapse. Kudos, though, are richly deserved by Keith Rice for his design of the Turbula logo, and Kate Gressitt-Diaz for providing us with our first two cover illustrations. Last issue's featured poet, Charlene Baldridge, returns this issue with our cover illustration of Wotan – whom she swears is real – and illustrations for McLenaghan's latest Loma Alta installment in Fiction, plus some theater reviews and a reminiscence in the Culture and Technology section.

Dive in!

Jim Trageser

Jim Trageser

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