Volume I, Issue II Winter 2002


This issue, our music section is cooking.

In this issue:

The Turbula Interview:
Klezmer: The Next Generation

Capos & Consonants
Jamie Reno's observations on the music world

Featured band:
(with free MP3 download)
Animal 32


In addition to another solid collection of CD reviews (and we keep adding them as they get released, so be sure to check back), we've got a new MP3 from San Diego-based Animal 32, plus the debut of a new music column from Jamie Reno, Kapos & Consonants.

As for the reviews, Blue Note and Verve have combined forces for a major new series of jazz compilations digging into both their vaults. Fantasy Records is also digging into its vaults for its very impressive new Original Jazz Classics Sampler series. Jazzhounds of all stripes will want to check those out.

Animal 32 caught our ear with their combination of accessible, hook-laden little melodies and hard-edged musicianship. Somebody else compared them to U2 — but we frankly like Animal 32 a little better, if only for the lack of pretension.

Good listening!

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