Volume I, Issue II Winter 2002

Culture and Politics

Our culture, such as it is, marches on. The elections are over with (thank the goddess; the political ads were more treacley than a get-well card), the holidays are nigh upon us, and so here we go again.

In this issue:

The Turbula Essay:
Robet Urich is Dead
By evvy garrett

The Smoking Section
Notes on the news

From the Bleachers
Observations on the sports world

Robert Urich may not have been a giant of stage or screen, but he was a talented guy — one whose ex-mother-in-law was once seamstress for our own evvy garrett. She marks his recent passing with an essay we think the square-jawed star of "Vegas" and "Spenser for Hire" would appreciate.

In The Smoking Section, we again vent at the politically correct, the pompous, and the just plain dumb. And we re-visit the world of sports in our From the Bleachers column.

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