Volume I, Issue II Winter 2002

Animal 32

Animal 32

Our awareness of Animal 32 came in the form of a CD sent in by the band on word from Michael Friedmann of the Rabbinical School Dropouts (see Klezmer — the second generation).

Such a Great Mistake

Only took one spin of the disc to get us hooked. Combining elements of rock, funk, jive, alternative and jazz, Animal 32 is a pretty amazing outfit for a bunch of young'uns. Somewhere on their Web site or MP3.com we saw a quote comparing them to U2, but frankly we like them a whole lot better than that preening Bono and Co. More soul to their playing for one, and a whole lot less pretension.

Animal 32 has been together in different forms for about five years now, and has a new CD out.

The members of the band have generously made available a track from their CD — the title song, "Such a Great Mistake."

Also, be sure to check out the band's web site — Animal32.com. You can get word on upcoming gigs, read the band members' bios, and even buy the disc if you like the cut here.

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