Volume III, Issue II Summer 2004


In this issue:

Charlene Baldridge's theater diary

    Early August: Shakespeare indoors and out, "Serpents," Fritz Blitz.

    The week of July 11: "Hairspray" comes to Jack O'Brien's hometown, Shakespeare returns to the Globe, something new at the La Jolla Playhouse, plus 6th at Penn.

    The week of July 4: 6th at Penn Theatre, Sledgehammer Theatre, San Diego Pops, North Coast Rep.


New York: 'Much Ado About Nothing' a delightful riff on male foolishness
Shakespeare takes on jealousy in popular comedy
By Lucy Komisar

New York: 'Sight Unseen' plumbs psychology of ambitious painter and the woman he discarded
Past intrudes through surprising, shifting flashbacks that alter the present
By Lucy Komisar

New York: 'The Musical of Musicals (The Musical)' a witty satire of the genre
Spoofs and puns float through tale of destitute heroine and nasty landlord
By Lucy Komisar

New York: 'Assassins' a stunning, tantalizing, surreal kaleidoscope of historical killers
But why does the show reduce motivations to psychology and discount politics?
By Lucy Komisar

New York: 'Finian's Rainbow' a deft satiric musical fantasy about racism
A Broadway smash from the '40s is reprised by the Irish Rep
By Lucy Komisar

New York: 'A Raisin in the Sun' a vivid saga of black life in the 1950s
Broadway revival evokes a Chicago family's dreams
By Lucy Komisar

New York: 'Fabulation' a witty satire about the black bourgeoisie
Nottage also throws comic barbs at rappers, gigolos, drug culture and welfare system
By Lucy Komisar

New York: Stoppard's 'Jumpers' a witty, surreal riff on God and morality
Murder, adultery and a distraught actress make up rowdy intellectual puzzle
By Lucy Komisar

San Diego: Genet and genre
Learning to appreciate experimental theater
By Charlene Baldridge

New York: Shows for sophisticates who like jazz and wit
Cabaret and musical reviews in New York
By Lucy Komisar

San Diego: Intimate theater, great grub
'I Do! I Do!' at the Fritz, with dinner at Sixth Avenue Bistro
By Charlene Baldridge

New York: A hip acrobatic happening with angst
'Villa Villa' flies angrily through the air
By Lucy Komisar

San Diego: Small stages, big emotions
By Charlene Baldridge

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