Volume III, Issue II Summer 2004


another myth from a different year

"I'm 35, married, a father, angry at a great many things, overeducated, underpaid, deeply in debt, one dead car in the driveway, just waiting for my neighbors to move. Recent work has appeared in DUFUS!, remark, Above Ground Testing and 63channels. Recent collections include "Enemy," a chapbook from PinkAnarchkittyPress.com; "Silence in the House of Truths," an e-chapbook available at Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry; and "Human Cathedrals," a tasty little full-length collection of angst and bile available from Ravenna Press."


the way your
life is lived even as
the clothing bursts into

the way you catch yourself
thinking about what
you were doing at that
exact moment



driving towards ithaca
and discussing the possibility
of rain with your wife

discussing your flaws
while the children slept

and it really doesn't matter
but it does

the unexpected brutality
of ordinary lives

the woman
falling to the floor

alive still
but far beyond the
imagined safety
of words


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