Volume III, Issue III Autumn 2004



Jessica Cortez is a student at Point Loma Nazarene University. Her short story, "Among Admirers, Among Strangers," was published in the Summer 2004 issue of Turbula.

She zips her backpack of Lucky Blues
hair-dye red, and black lace
"I want to live in a town where no one
knows my name," she says.
pale Sky outlines her eyes
– and she listens to Silence.

The chilly meeting of Sorrow and Silence
ends a friendship of musical blues.
Her maddening thoughts, choke up her eyes
and dwindle down liquor and lace.
"Ignore to presume a lie," she says,
to herself. – And she listens to no one.

Challenging New York streets with no one,
Dawn pours on building flats, crying Silent.
No one gaps, no one laughs or says
"Nice to meet you." Salvaging the blue
of Central Park's lonely days of hazy lace,
she forfeits cuddling eyes

to harmonize with the pierce of nature's eyes.
Answering to no one.
Dead oleanders of poisonous lace
sprinkle lathers of spiteful silence
down upon her lap. "So blue,
so in need of serotonin," she says.

"In need of a sprinkle, just a heap" she says
"To parade a smile, a sparkle in my eye."
A twinge of guilt turned her heart black-blue,
numbing peripheral pain she never knew. No one
has stared the bitter yearning of Silence
straight in its yellow face, unraveling lace

to bask in the sun. Her place,
under the waxing moon, decidedly said
"Swallow your silence
and beware of the incubus eye."

The locket around her neck possessed not one,
but two, unwinding blue
seraphic sun rays, in place
of liquor and lace.
Dead oleanders sideways, silenced.


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