Volume III, Issue III Autumn 2004


Welcome to our Autumn 2004 fiction section.

We welcome back one of our favorite short ficiton writers, Michael J. Williams. Readers may remember his earlier short fiction pieces, "Bitter Melon" from our Autumn 2002 issue or "Corona Mas Fina" in our Winter 2003 issue.

In this issue:

Dan McClenaghan:
A Baby is Born in the Holy Land: A Chapter From a Forthcoming Novel

Michael J. Williams:
Elvin's Waiting

Charlene Baldridge:

Turbula regular Dan McClenaghan takes us once again to his mixed-up world of Loma Alta, California – where Ruth and Ellis are about to welcome another member into their family. Vegas-style.

And Turbula goddess Charlene Baldridge shares a reminiscence of her own coming of age.

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