Volume III, Issue III Autumn 2004


Jagged Lust

Jessica Cortez is a student at Point Loma Nazarene University. Her short story, "Among Admirers, Among Strangers," was published in the Summer 2004 issue of Turbula.

I favor you; savor your luscious lips.
Your core – I adore – is drenched in brazen brilliance.
My residual hands and fingertip cadence
invade your poems, your crimson quips.
My scents ascend, soft breaths of lies drip –
down, down, the jagged holes of reminiscence –
You cradle such mistakes, my resilience
prays underneath your astonishing wit.

He paints shading greys of tensioned trust. Why must
my radiance be magnified by chiding taboos,
amusing hues of his tattoos? Succumbing lust
entrusts us. Muses, bruise our stellar smiles blue!
While creating advocates of brilliance, – of us,
of you- A miscarriage of ink treading ensue.


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