Volume II, Issue III Autumn 2003


Shabbat Shalom

Ken Kalman is a Canadian poet, playwright and novelist. His latest novel, "Jesus Loves Me," was published in October 2003 by Xlibris.

Shabbat Shalom
The words from his mouth
We parted
I remained
In a sea of anguish
Pampered by thoughts of angels
Their duty to explain
How could they let him die
Knowing what they knew
There was no saving grace
It was too late
When our minds first perceived
The enormous tragedy
About to happen
Thirty minutes hence
A scramble to find safety
An outlet to survive
But then
Just as we thought we could
Just as we thought we would
One more event, a tiny tear
And oblivion was all they knew.

In retro we must wonder why
With all our ken
We could not luck out
Just this once.

We cannot tell
But if we find the door
It will show
How we tried and failed
Seconds from hope
Came utter despair.

Shabbat Shalom.


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