Volume II, Issue III Autumn 2003

Culture, Politics & Technology

Been a busy summer in Turbula Nation – Lucy Komisar was in LaBaule, France at the Forum 21 keeping up on the latest technological advances, and Technology Editor Brad Fikes has been waist-deep in the online music wars.

In this issue:

The Turbula Essay:

California voters get only smug condescension from political snobs
By Bradley J. Fikes

How to protect your rights as a music fan and put the music companies out of business – legally
By Bradley J. Fikes

Former astronaut calls for moving humans beyond near-Earth orbit
By Lucy Komisar

Nanotechnology: The fantastic use of atoms, one at a time
By Lucy Komisar

Film review — "Secondhand Lions"

The Smoking Section
Notes on the news

From the Bleachers
Observations on the sports world

And that doesn't even get us to the California recall – a political race like no other, one that held not only the nation's attention, but even the world's – with the BBC and Paris' Le Monde newspaper both leading their weekend editions with news of the recall.

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