Volume II, Issue III Autumn 2003


Jazz Notes

David Fraser is the editor of the acclaimed literary, dark fiction and poetry magazine, Ascent – Aspirations for Artists. David's short fiction and poetry have been published is a number of journals and magazines in print and on the Internet.

The jazz notes of the universe
Float Orpheus waves
Across a unity of mind
On layered clouds hung
Over coastal rock
Thrust up and drifting
On a breathing sea
Whose creeping salt
Fingers carve out
The tidal pool sculptures,
Wash the shingle,
Mold the driftwood stumps
Into the spirit of yesterday
And today.
High pitched oystercatcher notes
Blend with loonsong and raven
Warnings to silent creatures
Just below the clear salt-water pools.
Above, the fir and cedar blend
With the rust flesh of Arbutus
Boughs that snake the air.
A cormorant sits bobbing on a buoy,
Scavengers creep the kelp
And rockweed blades above
The approaching tide,
Sea moss and surf grass mats
Flow into cavernous worlds,
Sanctuaries for sculpin
Darting in among the clam
Shells and Pacific blue mussels.
A frosted nudibranch
Lies flat above the low tide
Feeding on the snails.
The jazz notes of the universe
Hauntingly in everything,
Float like purple smoke,
Hang in a timelessness,
Penetrate the soul.


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