Volume II, Issue III Autumn 2003


A World Away

Ken Kalman is a Canadian poet, playwright and novelist. His latest novel, "Jesus Loves Me," was published in October 2003 by Xlibris.

Sitting here so far away
I think of what you must be doing
Morning here, late afternoon for you
I sit and dream and let it go
I will go to work soon
You will prepare supper
I will see the sun rise
You will see it set
I will arise refreshed
You will sit tired from a day's endeavour
I will soon feel the heat of the morning sun
You will feel the cool breezes of evening
I will see the news of yesterday
You are living yesterday
I drink an early pick me up coffee
You drink a warm relaxing tea
I am energetic and ready
You are tired and weary
And yet we are both here and there
What is a mile or two, or a thousand or more
When we are both here together
You are in my heart this morning
I am in yours last night.


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