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Erica Woiwode received her Master's in Literature & Writing Studies from Cal State University, San Marcos. She currently teaches English at Palomar College and Mount San Jacinto College. Her poetry has been published in Academic Exchange Extra for four consecutive months, L.A. Miscellany (Los Angeles), The Poetry Conspiracy (San Diego), artistic rights and the Cal State San Marcos Pride Literary Supplement. She was featured in the Summer 2004 issue of Turbula.

and i knew what he meant
as i wrote it down on scraps
of paper singed
with guilt –

it's true, as a matter of fact,
and i lurched, into a sulphuric
semi-consciousness –

memory sucks, he said,
but kiss me for good luck,
because the wall is steep,
and the crags are
sharp as her nails
bitten down to the quick –

he is, if you like to fuck like that,
but i prefer sleeping with
little stuffed animals,
groaning on
through the night,
singing me to sleep,
with dreams of father
beating his head
against the table with
a cigarette and a beer –

oh, you did mean it then,
all that pain – it was REAL,
and i've gotta write this down,



so lay your head in my lap and shut up.

Published July 2005


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