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gas-station god

Erica Woiwode received her Master's in Literature & Writing Studies from Cal State University, San Marcos. She currently teaches English at Palomar College and Mount San Jacinto College. Her poetry has been published in Academic Exchange Extra for four consecutive months, L.A. Miscellany (Los Angeles), The Poetry Conspiracy (San Diego), artistic rights and the Cal State San Marcos Pride Literary Supplement. She was featured in the Summer 2004 issue of Turbula.

the thick metal pole

stands empty, dangling

no sign

under neon gas station

where i meet my god

in the air

a night sky

he is young and rebellious

with a smirk

and though

he is listening

i never know

if he really hears me

my god

under the fluorescent

light of evening

summer warm

soft breeze

down the road

from my hometown

stranded beach

where my family wakes

to go to church

and see him there

though he looks different

pinned on wooden slats

all bearded and wise,

sorrowfully dead,

he is not the same

as my gas station god

who I talk to at night

who hears me

but who may not listen.

Published April 2006


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