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"I'm 35, a father, angry at a great many things, overeducated, underpaid, deeply in debt, one dead car in the driveway, just waiting for my neighbors to move. Recent work has appeared in DUFUS!, remark, Above Ground Testing and 63channels. Recent collections include "Enemy," a chapbook from PinkAnarchkittyPress.com; "Silence in the House of Truths," an e-chapbook available at Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry; and "Human Cathedrals," a tasty little full-length collection of angst and bile available from Ravenna Press."

man found dead in his car
nine days after the fact
in a large town or a small city

a blonde girl and her boyfriend arrested
and the man who crushes the skulls
of newborn babies is never
far from my mind

this is his land
and these are his people
and if there are any myths to be passed on
they will be written in blood across the backs of
teenage daughters

and what if i tell you that
this is the way christ would have
wanted it?

what if i refuse to believe
that his crucifixion held more weight than
any of the others?

we have come to a place where
words are truly meaningless

where ideas crush
the actions they represent

think about god

think about war

the fact that you
have no control over anything

Published November 2005


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