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"I'm 35, a father, angry at a great many things, overeducated, underpaid, deeply in debt, one dead car in the driveway, just waiting for my neighbors to move. Recent work has appeared in DUFUS!, remark, Above Ground Testing and 63channels. Recent collections include "Enemy," a chapbook from PinkAnarchkittyPress.com; "Silence in the House of Truths," an e-chapbook available at Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry; and "Human Cathedrals," a tasty little full-length collection of angst and bile available from Ravenna Press."

or the first time i taste her
or the first time i
make her cry

the days in between
spent waiting

spent listening to the ghost
of black coyote

to the sound of rifle fire
ripping through small children
and newborn babies

the sound of america
taking shape bone by bone

medals pinned to the
bloodstained uniforms of
drunken soldiers

the book of days rewritten
to make the killers
seem like monsters

to make them
seem more like you

Published November 2005


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