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While poetry and writing occupy a large amount of Clint Smith's creative energies, currently his focus is on music — from rock and jazz to world music and Afro-pop, and back again. He performs in and around NYC both solo and with the Non-Aligned Movement, a loose-knit collective of musicians who play music from around the world.

You will pass through the dark,
& the dark will merge
with the twilight ...

sibylline thoughts will
coil like a jaguar unclenching and clawing
behind your cleansed face.

Refugee light through your
limbs, adventuring with the dead of the past,
wiser, no want.

Greet them with burial — fertile mud, clay, aftergod.
Open, decayed eyes.
It is the past that vanishes, an icon nourished to

be broken.


Published May 2005


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