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Glass Façades

While poetry and writing occupy a large amount of Clint Smith's creative energies, currently his focus is on music — from rock and jazz to world music and Afro-pop, and back again. He performs in and around NYC both solo and with the Non-Aligned Movement, a loose-knit collective of musicians who play music from around the world.

Glass façades
reflected the Quebec
utterations in milky screams while
Vietnamese purple hair
thrashing up-down
put out its cigarettes under
the CN tower & swung a garrote,
rapacious vendors
passed out multirainbowed flyers
selling the unmissable phenomena
of This-Or-That while
TV showed America exterminating
the "Ba'athists" & the pixilated glances
of soldiers gazing into Humvees &
smattering of fenders & body parts,
bloody gloaming shouting
Me Against The World with the song as
a ravaging kneeling man asked
for a loonie.


Published May 2005


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