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Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Andrea has been published in the anthology, "Gifts of the Heartland," and in Clevermag.com, Ascent and Jones Av.

Children running out to play
Shouts of glee and excitement seem to shut the door
and leave me behind. Quiet rushes like a tornado from the swirl of motion at the door,
and curls itself around the hallway, whirling around me, leaving me
in a wordless vacuum as it continues on. All of my power has left out the door
and I sit and stare at the line of sunshine that makes the hardwood floor soft as cotton and yellow as butter. Tranquility melts over me,
a wash of heat
and my cheeks go red as I feel an urgency of love through my body.
Linked softly to you by entwined hands,
it is all I will ever need.

Published December 2006


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