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Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Andrea has been published in the anthology, "Gifts of the Heartland," and in Clevermag.com, Ascent and Jones Av.

Slowly, slowly, the tiniest fleck of brightness peaks through the thick canopy of a pure green shield. Wisdom, wisdom of the oldest strongest branches reach to the light, unfolding, embracing rejoicing in the golden air. Stretching, stretching up through the other branches, entangled, entwined, all searching out the brilliant light. Age, age and patience by virtue is rewarded with a radiant beam holding love. The greatest joy of love and secrets of life are held within that moment, when the luminosity absorbed by the ages is passed down to ones below. Inspiration, inspiration for the younger vulnerable limbs underneath waiting, wanting, reaching to grow forward. But the youthful must wait to receive the fullness of this knowledge. Reaching ever upward, striving knowing their turn will come.

Published December 2006


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