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RaynRoberts is found in print and online at Rattle, Rattapallax, Retort Magazine, The Sow's Ear Review, Voices in Wartime, PoetsWest, Thunder Sandwich, The Pedestal Magazine, Void Magazine, Poet's Corner in Fieralingue and many others. He appears in four anthologies. In 2006, Evolving Editions Press in New York included him in its "Illuminations" series. His newest book, “Of One and Many Worlds,” from Poetic Matrix Press came out in August 2006. In 2003 he published "Jazz Cocktails & Soapbox Songs". He is the author of “The Fires of Spring”, a collection of Buddhist poems written in South Korea where he teaches English to university students. Visit his web site.

Today, ignoring a voice of memory: my mother saying, "Never,
Never stand on a desk to change a light bulb" ...

I stood on a desk to change a light bulb,

Slipped, fell, hit the floor
But before I did
The desk flipped
I hit the steel frame with all the force gravity can give
On my side
Nearly cracked a rib!

I could barely stand

The students were astounded; the class was canceled.
The doctors were astounded

I didn't break a bone, damage an organ —
I love the pain killers they gave

Ordered pizza
May stay home tomorrow

It only hurts when I recall having sex, five years ago ...
Or watch an action movie —

Someone saw a lesson in The Fall:            "Yes." I said. "Follow the rules:

Abuse no tree or furniture; cause no injury or pain, God’s simple gravity
Is greater than man's best balance, ignore not the ancient Mother Voice."

Published May 2007


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